Vacuum Cooler

Machine Lab Rapid Cooler is an instant vacuum cooler used to preserve food such as Soya Mixed, Stewed, Dried, Grilled foods, Rice, Sushi, Noodle, Cake, Vegetables, and many more. The Rapid Cooler known for its quality features of cooling, drops from 90 degrees Celsius to 15 degrees Celsius only in 15 minutes cooling!


Key Features 


Fast and evenly vacuum cooling keeps food original taste, color, and refreshed

Better sanitary condition prevents bacteria pollution due to fast vacuum cooling process

Stainless Steel material equipment

Saving power, space, and cost during vacuum cooling process

Economical Investment

Different Models of Vacuum Cooler

ModelMLT-38-120MLT-38-160 MLT-38-200
Capacity120kg / batch160kg / batch200kg / batch
Inner Size (m/m)L810 x 650W x H1650L810 x 800W x H1795L910 x 900W x H1800
Outer Size (m/m)L1450 x 1260W x H2120L1450 x 1410W x H2265L1550 x 1510W x H2265
Voltage / HP220V / 3HP220V / 3HP220V / 5HP
Power (Kw)5.25KW7.125KW10.5KW