MACHINELAB TECHNOLOGY INC. is a supplier and solution provider specializing in machines used for food processing, packaging, filling used to fill bottles with liquid, labeling, tanks and other more, ranging  from simple to high-end applications.


To serve our clients better, we have established more than 100 types of standard and custom-made machines that serve in food and beverage processing such as powders, pop corn, prawn crackers, tortillas, nuts, ring snack, coffee roaster, carbonated drinks, fruit juice cordial, and many many more from stand-alone semi-auto machine to the fully automated production line. "MADE TO ORDER" is our strength as the machines can be customized to fulfill the processing output, technical requirements, and the client's budgetary requirements also being considered when designing the project. Also, we have added a new product in our line which is "LLDPE Stretch Film" which comes in different specifications.


To complement our main line of high-efficiency packaging machines, we have a related service of toll packaging condiments, toll packaging sugar, coffee, creamers, and other condiments into traditional disposable formats or any other sizing based on customer requirements. We do the toll packing service with delicate balance of strength such as materials being used, quality of contents being filled, and precision of filling.  


Our company vision is to give an excellent supplied machine and customer service to all of our valued customers in providing quality machines that promote utilization in optimum capacity service for their business needs.