Tube Ice Machine


Mainly apply for human consumption such as freeze drinks, mix wines, cool food stuffs, and industrial sphere like chemical cooling, food processing, fisheries, poultry-processing, meat plants etc. Our Tube Ice is hollow, cylindrical ice with external diameter of 22, 29, 32 or 35mm and length of 25 - 50mm. The diameter of the inner hole is usally 5 - 10mm, but can be adjusted according to the ice making time.



  • Superb Stability and Reliability, long use life

  • Energy Efficient and Cost Savings Solution for Ice Production

  • Tube Ice Maker Patented H-M Interactive Control System

  • Meet HACCP request and Stainless Steel Cutters

  • Delicate Welding Techniques with X-RAY for No Leakage

Tube Ice Machine Models and Specifications
Model No.Production CapacityIce TemperatureTotal Power KWMachine Size (mm)
MLT-1T1,000-8 Celsius8 KW1400 x 1200 x 1800
MLT-2T2,000-8 Celsius12 KW1600 x 1200 x 2000
MLT-3T3,000-8 Celsius15.5 KW1700 x 1450 x 2000
MLT-5T5,000-8 Celsius23.5 KW1700 x 1700 x 2200
MLT-8T8,000-8 Celsius30 KW2000 x 1750 x 2200
MLT-10T10,000-8 Celsius45 KW2900 x 2280 x 2600
MLT-15T15,000-8 Celsius60 KW3250 x 3000 x 4200
MLT-20T20,000-8 Celsius85 KW3500 x 3350 x 4200
MLT-25T25,000-8 Celsius95 KW3850 x 3650 x 4200
MLT-30T30,000-8 Celsius110 KW4250 x 3650 x 4200
MLT-40T40,000-8 Celsius150 KW5100 x 4700 x 4200
MLT-50T50,000-8 Celsius180 KW6000 x 6000 x 4500